Sunday, July 30, 2006

The first few picture of this blog will be of Rick (jest's) home. I took dozens, but only will post a few of the outside things. I flew on Alaska Airlines from Coos Bay to San Jose this morning where jest and Nite Lite Picked my up. Rick is a very generous person, he gave me the best deal possible on the 03 Gold Wing. I think I'll call it "Panache". It's not a real flashy bike, by some standards, but it's classy and does it with style! You'll see it in a lot of pics later in this blog. Remember, you can enlarge by clicking on the picture. I'm getting used to the color. It's not gray...or Silver, or gold. somewhere inbetween. Good thing about it, the road dirt won't show. I'll add more chrome so I'll know when to wash it Rick has a lot of it already, mostly the lower part. I have plans to order a bunch more tomorrow, and when the time comes, I'll have some paint work done. Know what I want, just have to find someone that can do it right. I just returned from a wonderful 600 mile ride. Like Pop Pop says, "It just don't get any better than this"! I thought about that today, I'm very blessed. To be alive and riding, and to have so many friends in VROC! They season got off to a good start, then had a little bump...but now, it's back on track. And, I'm extremely happy with the Wing. Now...on with the pictures.

Rick (jest's) new VN900 LT. He just picked it up this morning. A very nice bike!

A swimming pool with a beach! First time I've seen something like this! They aren't turned on now, there are waterfalls that have lights under them that tumble into the pool. I imagine it would be very pretty at night.

Rick (jest) in his pool area of the grounds.

The outside kitchen. Rich has enough room to host a whole VROC rally! He did have a small one a couple years ago during the Hollister rally. I'm sure he'll do it again! It's a beautiful home!

The hot tub. There is indirect lighting and music everywhere.

This sitting area is by the hot tub. A comfortable spot.

Rick has a lot of toys. This is one of them

jest at his desk. He has a nice large flat screen HD TV on the opposite wall. A nice office! The putting green is right outside his private door...........

Been several years since I've been pictures here. Was trying to remember, I think maybe I have 6 or 7 pictures in the box, all on different bikes of course!

These girls are on a weekend trip. They all work in the San Fransisco Bay Area. We got acquainted while taking picture at the "drive through tree"

Another Gift shop.

I liked this statue. There were some real nice ones at this gift shop.

There are several Elk herd's from Florence, OR, down to Eureka, CA. They are all wild, and are free to come and go, but they seem to know where to congregate where they can be safe. I passed these near Orick, CA.

This big boy has quite a harem!

RV park and recreation area close to Orick, California

Paul Bunyon and Babe. And Panache! This is at the Trees of Mystery near Klamath, California. These guy have been standing her for 74 years! Paul talks to the people, the kids love it!

I've been to many VROC'ers homes. Have been treated wonderfully and was always comfortable. I have to say the Rick (jest's) house is really something. 6000 sq. feet of every modern trick electronic gaget that you can put into a house! It took two years just to remodel it. You can even sit in their huge tub (one of them) and use a remote to raise or lower the shades I won't go into everything, but it's a VERY beatiful home!

VROC Buddies! Howard (Nite Lite) and Rick (jest) . Howard road almost a hundred miles through heavy Bay Area traffic to get here so I'd be able to find my way out when I left with the bike. These guys are good people!

A happy Sherm! I was still in shock..The bike is perfect! 5057 miles on the clock! jest threw in 4 quarts of the high dollar Honda oil (which I put in there) a new filter, complete shop manual, and a new Honda battery. What a guy!

Howard filling up the Nomad near South San Fransisco. We stopped here to put on more clothes. For California, this was very cheap gas. $3.37 was what I had to pay just a few miles down the road. We're ready to head up 19th street in the City and cross the Golden Gate.

I'm following Howard across the Golden Gate Bridge. We had to stop in South San Fransisco to put on more clothes. It went from hot to not so hot near the bay. Traffic was light on this Sunday afternoon. We went from here to Petaluma to vist Linda and pick up his son Brian so they could guide me to Calistoga Road.


Linda Sublow (Mrs, Nite Lite) and Cooper. Cooper weighted about 10 pounds when she visited me in the hospital room 2 months ago. Now she's up to 40 lbs! She'll go over a hundred when fully grown. She's a real sweet heart!

Old Barn near Clear Lake, California

Early Sunday morning in Lake County, California. A peacefull pasture. I felt like I was riding on air..I guess high on happiness! Perfect weather, very happy with the new bike...and I'm alive and well and can ride!

3 of the 4 young ladies I met at the drive through tree. They live and work down in the Bay Area.

There are many places along Hwy 101 to buy chainsaw and other wood carvings.

Some of the wood carvings are very good!

The feet of Bigfoot! At least one of the dozen or so I saw today

Bigfoot is popular in North Western California. I'm sure he lives around here somewhere.

Tourist trap. Lots of nice things anyway....

The tree looked larger in real life than it does in this picture..But, you get the idea. There are so many of the big ones in this area, it's hard to decide what to take picture of!

A California Golden Bear! These can be found in the woods around here . This is a mile or so from where the Klamath dumps into the ocean. Popular Salmon fishing place. The Yurok, Hoopa and Klamath Indians all think the river is theirs, and they all have fishing rights. There have been gun battles between the sport fisherman and natives in the past.

The End of the Trail! I felt like that old Indian a couple of months ago, but think I have a long way to go yet. And the Panache Bike will help me get there!

Close the the Pacific Ocean, just North of Klamath, California.

Hwy 101, That's the small town of Crescent City in the background. I just came out of a Redwood forest, lots of curves in the highway along here.

Between Langlois and Port Orford. Right across the highway from these wild turkeys is a "U-pick" Blueberry farm. I stopped to see if they were open, and saw these birds. I saw several more last night in my Bro-in-law's back woods. Looks like it will be a good year for turkery!