Sunday, July 30, 2006

The first few picture of this blog will be of Rick (jest's) home. I took dozens, but only will post a few of the outside things. I flew on Alaska Airlines from Coos Bay to San Jose this morning where jest and Nite Lite Picked my up. Rick is a very generous person, he gave me the best deal possible on the 03 Gold Wing. I think I'll call it "Panache". It's not a real flashy bike, by some standards, but it's classy and does it with style! You'll see it in a lot of pics later in this blog. Remember, you can enlarge by clicking on the picture. I'm getting used to the color. It's not gray...or Silver, or gold. somewhere inbetween. Good thing about it, the road dirt won't show. I'll add more chrome so I'll know when to wash it Rick has a lot of it already, mostly the lower part. I have plans to order a bunch more tomorrow, and when the time comes, I'll have some paint work done. Know what I want, just have to find someone that can do it right. I just returned from a wonderful 600 mile ride. Like Pop Pop says, "It just don't get any better than this"! I thought about that today, I'm very blessed. To be alive and riding, and to have so many friends in VROC! They season got off to a good start, then had a little bump...but now, it's back on track. And, I'm extremely happy with the Wing. Now...on with the pictures.


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